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Music Education

Holistic education to support students throughout their artistic career

Studio Overview

My studio has been in progress for the last decade. Through my years teaching privately and in studios, I've gradually worked my way towards honing my specific teaching niche.

As a teacher, my goal is to empower students, plain and simple.

I use a holistic model, which is to say that I welcome my student's entire life, their dreams, their goals, their behaviours, their fears into our lessons. I do not believe musicians can be separated from the human they are, so instead of simply focusing on music, I allow the lessons to be as broad as they need to be.

I am not the teacher for everyone, mind you. I support all my students in their pursuit of excellence, in whatever capacity they are able, however my specialty lies in building confidence, self-responsibility, creativity and artistic freedom.

I am best suited as a touchstone teacher. Typically, I am the teacher with whom people begin their journey, maybe someone to meet with in the middle of their career after experiencing stress and trauma, or someone who is coming back to music looking to rekindle their passion. 

Lucy's studio is located in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Horn Lessons

Beginner to intermediate horn lessons, offered both in person and virtually. 

What we'll work on;

-Technique (sound production, air, embouchure, articulation, flexibility, dynamics, etc)

-Posture and basic injury prevention

-Repertoire (classical, pop, jazz, orchestral, theatre, chamber music, etc)

-Performance and performance preparation

-Audition preparation (for summer music programs, undergrad programs, grad school, orchestral, etc)

-Life and career balance

-Artistic creativity

Lesson Rate:

$30/30 minutes

$45/45 minutes

$60/60 minutes


Piano Lessons

Beginner to Intermediate Piano Lessons, offered in person only. 

What we'll work on;

-Basic to intermediate music theory

-Posture and basic injury prevention

-Technique (scales, arpeggios, triads, chords, etc)

-Music skills (ear training, sight reading, rhythm, etc)

-Repertoire (preparatory to intermediate music, classical, baroque, pops, contemporary, etc)

-Performance and performance preparation

Lesson Rate:

$30/30 minutes

$45/45 minutes

$60/60 minutes

Piano Keys

Trauma-Informed Music Lessons

These lessons are a unique blend of holistic wellness counselling and music education. While the priority remains skill acquisition in a musical craft, the tone is warm, rooted in creating safety together and re-patterning trauma responses in real time. 

These lessons are designed for people who have experienced trauma in their life and are looking to re-integrate into their lives with soothed nervous systems through music.

What instruments can we use?

For beginner instrumentalists: piano, horn, trumpet, ukulele, kalimba

For advanced instrumentalists (those who already have basic skills acquired): any instrument, we'll focus on creativity and emotional freedom

What might these lessons help with?

-Trauma processing

-Nervous system renegotiating

-Play and fun

-Skill building in the arts

-Confidence, self-image, self-compassion and softening limiting beliefs

-An opportunity to take up space, be heard, and be yourself

Sessions are offered in person. Virtual can be arranged, depending on the circumstance.

Enjoying Music
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